Arts & Artist’s Books


I like to make things.

I often use book arts forms and techniques as part of my drafting or editing process.

Recently I’ve been working on a series of constraint-based poetry coasters, which is making me smile:

four purple coasters, sewn in hot pink with the following words: wine glass, wish globe, witch glow, woe glue


You can see more poetry coasters — or purchase a set to use at home! — at my Etsy shop.

I like to weave, and and weaving words can be a lot of fun.  Here are some other recent projects:



My current ongoing project is a series of sewn and woven poetry broadsides (you can view some images at Thrush Poetry Journal and Dream Pop Press).

image from one of my woven broadsides, published in Thrush

Completed projects include:

And, I created postcards with images from my woven and tactile poetry projects to sell at upcoming readings and events. If I won’t see in you in person, you may purchase this set of four assorted 5×7″ full color postcards here.