book cover: sewn word (aviary) draped over flowers

(aviary) (Veliz Books, 2020).

The poems in (aviary) circle themes of enclosure, feminism, and the natural world. Much of the collection was initially composed in local public gardens, lending these poems an air of urgency, the stink of voyeurism, and the hum of participation. This collection owes much, too, to Mina Loy’s prose poem “Ladies in an Aviary,” which lends language and thematic play to Kaplan’s (aviary). More about (aviary) on my page, here.

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In the ice house (Red Hen Press, 2011).

Winner of the 2009 To the Lighthouse poetry prize from the A Room of Her Own Foundation. Some poems from In the ice house were recently featured at Sundress Publications’s “Best Dressed” list, and you can read them online here, here, here, and here. More about In the ice house on my page, here.

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settings for these scenes (Convulsive Editions, 2013)

A series of erasures from a single paragraph of Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. Read an excerpt at The Quotidian Bee here. More about the project here, and you can order the chapbook from the publishers here.




In an aviary (Grey Book Press, 2016)

18 poems inspired by the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, the Botanical Gardens at The Huntington, the Los Angeles County Arboretum, and Mina Loy’s prose poem “Ladies in an Aviary.” Read a little about my process here, and order In an aviary from the publishers here.



travelogue (Dancing Girl Press, 2016)

A single long poem inspired by and responding to a trip to attend Bloomsday events in Dublin, Ireland. Available from the publisher here.



I exit the hallway and turn right (above/ground press, 2020)

A long unfolding poem, a sort of anti-ode to office work. Available from the publisher here.