Nature Writing Workshop

Below are some resources for a nature writing workshop I gave at PLNU in September 2020 — maybe they’ll inspire you, too!

Here are some nature poems (for inspiration):

& here are links to a few of my nature poems online:

Here are some ideas for how to approach nature writing:

  • Be attentive: as you look and listen and breathe, what can you notice (especially, what can you notice about your surroundings now that you might not have noticed before)?
  • Show the reader what you see/hear/sense. Describe, list, use all five of your senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, sound),
  • Consider your body: where are you, literally and/or figuratively, in this space? What changes when you move your body (ie, turn your head)? How might your body’s presence change the space you’re in?
  • Ask what is missing:  What can you hear but not see? What might you expect to find but don’t? What were you hoping for?
  • Expand your scope: how and when do traditionally natural things (like, a bee) share space with human-made things (like, a path. or the sound of an airplane)? How do you respond to these intersections and collisions?
  • Notice what you’ve highlighted, and reflect. Why might you find _______ important or central to what you’ve drafted? Is it important right now, or always? What else can you share about your feelings or experiences?

Here’s a video I recorded recently, for us to write with:

And here’s an image we can write with, also:

backyard sunflower w.ash
Backyard sunflower with light ash. September 2020