Interview w/PCC’s Inscape Magazine

Super-Interviewer Jodie Shull interviewed me for Pasadena City College‘s literary magazine INSCAPE and asked me some great questions:

Jodie: Do you have any advice for students who want to make a literary life?

Genevieve:  There’s no one way to make a literary life – if you want to be a writer, you write. I do have a few suggestions: find—and participate in—a literary community that makes your work possible, perhaps by joining an in-person or online writing group, taking a course or seeking a degree, attending a reading series, volunteering or working for a press or journal or library or bookstore, starting your own any of the above. Read a lot of contemporary writing in books and literary journals; create time for yourself to write and think about your writing. Most of all, being a writer means prioritizing your own writing in whatever way that means for you: perhaps taking 15 minutes each day to write or revise or think about writing; sending yourself on an occasional weekend writing retreat or staycation. Ultimately it means making sure your day job—which most likely will not be “being a writer”— and your friends—hopefully some of whom will be writers or artists or creators—allow you the time and space and energy you need to write.

Hop over to INSCAPE  to read more:


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