Focus on Book Arts Conference

I recently attended the Focus on Book Arts Conference as a Colleen Cavin Fellow, and it was such a great experience! I got to meet many creative people, take a super class on nature printing with Rebecca Chamlee, and make some pretty amazing books!

Here are some images from the process we learned:

Leaves arranged on paper
Leaves and paper rolled to imprint
Paper in the pot to “cure”
the “cured” paper hanging to dry
detail of my Jacob’s Ladder Accordian Flexagon book made with the paper from first image

I recommend checking out Rebecca’s workshops if you want to learn more about the steps and process we followed.

We learned more simple print techniques that don’t require presses, too, including a couple methods of painting and pressing leaves. I really liked gyuotaki, based on traditional Japanese fish-printing process. Here’s a print I made:

Gyuotaki leaves print

I’m excited to consider how these nature printing processes can work with poetry. The play of white space and lines in these images is really enticing. More soon…..

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