New poems in Posit

I’m excited to have four poems included in the new issue of Posit: A Journal of Literature and Art. Editors Susan Lewis, Carol Ciavonne, and Bernd Sauermann write in their introduction,

Genevieve Kaplan’s remarkable poems marry the concrete with the abstract to yield a rich and unique mix of recognition and surprise. With equal parts precision and inspiration, these “delightful, pulled out, loosely / skeined” poems parse plain language and ordinary experience until what they offer is anything but plain or ordinary, “read[ing] / the situation with such careful / attentiveness,” “ask[ing] each word” and “hon[ing] in on their availability” to plumb fresh and unexpected depths of wonder and wisdom – until “one detail actually manages to encompass the entirety of the other” and each poem becomes “a way to begin.”

Wow! You can read my poems “Are you working,” “At one point in the dream,” “Seasonal Affinity,” and “Some observations about language” here. And be sure to spend some time exploring all the words and images in Posit 26.

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