new review of (aviary)

I’m delighted by this new review of (aviary) in the current issue of Rhino! Sara Ellen Fowler gives my poems such thoughtful attention, and as a writer it’s really wonderful to 1) feel like my poems effectively connected with someone, and 2) know that this reviewer took the time to understand so much of what I was trying to do. I am so grateful to Sara for her close and careful reading. She writes:

This collection is worth the imaginative and emotional extension it demands of its reader. Kaplan’s poems will capture your attention with idiosyncratic craft and transform it, releasing you again into the world brimful of wonder.

You can learn more about (aviary) on my book’s webpage. And, if you don’t have one yet, now’s a great time to purchase a copy from my publisher; Veliz Books is offering 20% off on all poetry during the month of April.

Read Sara Ellen Fowler’s full review here.

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