New Year! New Poems!

I’ve been slow in sharing new publications, but don’t worry: I’m still writing and publishing poems! : )

In the last part of 2022, I was lucky to have my poems “Criss Cross Applesauce” appear in Oversound (Issue 8), “Everything suddenly felt enthusiastic” printed in Bennington Review (Issue 11), and “This home” find a place in Lucky Jefferson (Issue 10)

Here’s Clancy ^ , posing with the delightfully green issue of Oversound.

You can help support poets and poetry by subscribing to these journals or ordering a print copy! Just saying.

I’ve also been busy finishing up our 2022 Toad Press International chapbook series publications, and I’m delighted to share that our final chapbook of the year, Void Odyssey, a book-poem-performance by Renato Negrão translated from the Brazilian Portuguese by Sarah Rebecca Kersley hit the shelves in late December. You can purchase a copy of Void Odyssey and our other recent Toad Press titles at the Veliz Books store.

My upcoming plans include reading and writing more poems, of course! And, I got a handy little corner-trimmer from Santa (see nicely rounded corners in photo below), so I’ll likely be making some new artists books, bookmarks, or poetic cards very soon.

On a related note, I’m planning to close up my Etsy shop this spring, so take a look and grab some fun notebooks and other goodies while you can!

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