Et Al. is here!

I’m delighted to announce the publication of Et Al.: New Voices in Arts Management! My incredible co-editor, Amy Shimshon-Santo, and I conceived this project early on in the pandemic as a way to share our own enthusiasm and energy, harness collective knowledge about one-the-ground arts management practice, and offer a timely and relevant platform for reflection, conversation, and imagination. We have been working on this project for many, many months, and we are practically giddy with excitement that it’s now time to share the book with readers.

Et Al.: New Voices in Arts Management. Cover art by Kio Griffith

Here’s our quote from the press release:

This multimedia collection offers a digital landscape for readers to reimagine stewardship of the arts and culture. Showcasing contributions from contemporary arts management practitioners, Et Al. presents kaleidoscopic possibilities for ideas and action. The book discusses imaginative ways of working toward cultural equity in praxis, and is an invitation for further creation, conversation, and connection.

-Amy Shimshon-Santo & Genevieve Kaplan

You can read the full press release here. Even better, the volume is published online, as an open-access publication hosted by IOPN, the Illinois Open Publishing Network. Amy and I chose this format because of its accessibility, but also because of its possibilities: publishing online allowed us to reimagine the limits of what a book might be, and it allowed our authors to include relevant images, videos, audio, and links, making their words and ideas as vibrant and lively as they are.

Et Al.: New Voices in Arts Management isn’t a book that’s just for arts managers or scholars–the essays and ideas here are so worth exploring, whether you are an artist, arts supporter, arts manager, or just a human living in the world. Please join me in celebrating the powerful and thoughtful work of our contributors (pictured below, rendered in portrait form by Et Al. contributor and artist Danielle Hill) by spending some time with this vibrant and important publication.

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